公司简介 HEXIN SEMICONDUCTOR was founded by a highly experienced US team .The company is mainly focus on development of high performance analog/mixed signal IC products with emphasis on power management products. With global marketing/sale experience and world class technologies in Synchronous buck/boost converter ,LDO, Battery management ,Charge pump, Power Management Unit and many c...[ALL]


  • TEL:0510-85222306 / 85222309
  • FAX:0510-85228306
  • CONTACT:Wu hua
  • ZIP:214028
HX3033-Step-up DC/DC Converter
HX2011-200mA, Micropower LDO Regulator
HX1326-Synchronous Buck Controller
HX1001-Synchronous Buck DC/DC Converter
HX1304F-Wide Range Synchronous Buck Controller
HX4004-Regulated Charge Pump DC/DC Converter
HX8001-Synchronous Buck-Boost DC/DC Regulator
HX3008-TFT-LCD Power Supply